Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
As I was a-walking one midsummer's morning
As I was a-walking along the highway

Then who should I see but my own dearest daughter
With her head wrapped in flannel
on a hot summer's day

"Oh mother, dear mother, come sit you down by me
Come sit you down by me and pity my case
For my poor head is aching,
my poor heart is breaking
And I'm in low spirits and surely must die

"Oh mother, dear mother,
come send for the clergyman
And send for the doctor to heal up my wound
And likewise my young man
whose heart it did wander
So that he may see me before I'm put down

"And when I am dead to the churchyard
they'll bear me
With six jolly fellows to carry me on
And in each of their hands a bunch of green laurel
So they may not smell me as they march along

"So rattle your drums and play your fife over me
And sing the dead march as we walk all along
Then return to your homes
and think on that young girl
Oh, there goes a poor young girl cut down
in her prime"


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