The Outlandish Knight

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
An outlandish knight from the north lands came
He come a-courting me
And he promised he'd take me into the north lands
And there would marry me

"Go fetch me some of your father's gold
Some of your mother's fee
And the two best horses that are in your yard
Where there stands thirty and three"

So she rode away on the milk-white steed
He on the dapple grey
And they rode till they come to the banks of the sea
Three hours before it was day

"Unlight, unlight, my pretty little girl
Deliver that gold to me
For six pretty maidens I have drownded here
And the seventh one you shall be

"But first take off your gown of silk
Deliver it unto me
For I think that it is too fine and too gay
To rot with you in the salt sea"

"Turn around, turn around, you false young man
Turn your face to the tree
For it isn't fit that a villain like you
A naked lady should see"

So as he turned himself around
Turning his face to the tree
She's grabbed him by the middle so small
And flung him into the sea

"Lie there, lie there, you false young man
Lie there instead of me
For if six pretty maidens you have drownded here
The seventh one has drowned thee"

So she mounted on the lily-white horse
Leading the dapple grey
And she rode till she come to her father's own door
An hour before it was day

Now the parrot being up in the window so high
And hearing his mistress, did say
"I'm afraid some ruffian had led you astray
You tarried so long away"

"Don't prittle, don't prattle, my pretty Polly
Nor tell no tales of me
And your cage shall be of the glittering gold
And your perch of the best ivory"

Now her father being up in his bedroom so high
And hearing the parrot did say
"What's the matter with you, my pretty Polly
You're prattling so long before day"

"There come an old cat on the top of my cage
To take my sweet life away
And I was just calling for my young mistress
To chase that old puss away"


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