アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
There were four and twenty nobles
Rode to the king's hall
And bonny Glenlogie
Was the flower of them all
And bonnie Jean Gordon
Come running downstairs
And fell in love with Glenlogie
Over all that was there

She sent for the footman
That run by his side
Saying, "Who is that young man
And where does he bide?"
"His name is Glenlogie
When he is from home
And he's of the gay Gordons
And his name is Lord John"

"Glenlogie, Glenlogie
And you will prove kind
I have laid my love on you
Until in my mind"
He turned around lightly
As the Gordons do all
Says, "I thank you, Lady Jeannie
But I'm promised away"

She sends for her ladies
Her bed for to make
And the rings from off her finger
She did them all break
Saying, "Is there a bonny boy
Who would own a gold band
Who would rode to Glenlogie
And bid my love come"

When Glenlogie got the letter
A loud laugh laughed he

But when he had read it
The tears blinded his eye
Saying, "What is my lineage
Or what is my make
That such a bonnie lady
Should die for my sake?"

When he come to her castle
No mirth there was there
But was weeping and wailing
And tearing the hair
And pale and wan was she
When Glenlogie came in
But red and rosy grew she
When she saw it was him

"Turn around, bonnie Jeannie
Turn around on your side
And I'll be the bridegroom
And you'll be the bride"
And it was a merry wedding
And a fortune done told
And bonnie Jean Gordon
Scarce sixteen years old


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