Death & The Lady

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
As I walked out one morn in May
The birds did sing and the lambs did play
The birds did sing and the lambs did play
I met an old man
I met an old man by the way

His head was bald, his beard was grey
His coat was of a myrtle shade
I asked him what strange countryman
Or what strange place
Or what strange place he did belong

"My name is Death, cannot you see
Lords, dukes, and ladies bow down to me
And you are one of those branches three
And you, fair maid
And you, fair maid, must come with me"

"I'll give you gold and jewels rare
I'll give you costly robes to wear
I'll give you all my wealth in store
If you'll let me live
If you'll let me live a few years more"

"Fair lady, lay your robes aside
No longer glory in your pride
And now, sweet maid, make no delay
Your time is come
Your time is come and you must away"

And not long after, this fair maid died
"Write on my tomb," the lady cried
"Here lies a poor distressed maid
Whom Death now lately
Whom Death now lately hath betrayed"


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