Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
It's of three young maidens a-rushing they went
And a-gathering of rushes it was their intent
But before one's come home she's born a little son
And she's rolled it underneath her apron

So it's home came young Sally with her eyes all
full of tears
"What is it that ails you, my little daughter dear?
And what is it that ails my pretty little Sal?
And what have you got underneath your apron?"

Oh then, "Father, oh father, oh father dear," said she
"It is but my new gown that's too long for me
And I was afraid it would draggle in the dew
So I rolled it underneath my apron"

But it's in the first part of the night,
when all were fast asleep
The pretty little baby began for to weep
Said her father, "What's that a-crying out so shrill
In the room all among the pretty maidens?"

Well then, "Father, oh father, oh father dear," said she
"It is but a little baby someone gave to me
Let it lie, let it lie this night along with me
And I tell to you its daddy in the morning"

"Well then, was it by a black man got,
or was it by a brown
Or was it by a ploughing lad a-ploughing up and down
For if I had a sword I would run the villain through
And leave him to die in the morning"

"Well, it wasn't by a black man got, it wasn't by a brown
But it was by a sailor lad that came from London town
And he left me a posy to wear with my new gown
And I met him early in the May morning"

"Well then, was it in the kitchen got, or was it in the hall?
Or was it in the stable, or was it in the stall?
For if I had a brand I would burn the building down
Where you met with your love on a May morning"

"Well, it wasn't in the kitchen, it wasn't in the hall
It wasn't in the stable, it wasn't in the stall
But it was down by yonder spring
Where the small birds they do sing
That I met with my love on a May morning"


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