アーティストPanama Limited Jug Band
作詞David Griffiths
作曲David Griffiths
As we lie in the dark and scratch our ears
Mysterious and silent a word disappears
While the doomsday clock forgetful of time
Hovers near twelve

Confirming our fears of a future city
Does these streets of rags and leather fill
The smell of sweat and the threat of smoke's
On vacation

Yesterday it was said of liberty
We'd made a loss for the good of us all
Today I hear we made a game
One more restriction to protect us tomorrow
If it rain, rain, rain

And no candy to sweeten the pain
In the night which shrouds the past
In mist and leaves it to be forgotten
On the sides of their mountain

The sea wails for her children
Now conditioned to fate

Unconscious to their presence
Ignorant to their future
That even the time won't wait

For dreams that I've heard just a common fault
Slip of the tongue or a somersault
Can land you inside when nothing makes sense
This is the law and you've got no defense

Deep in the dungeons we know that now
Here lies Moses but to his horror forget
Thou shall not interfere
So shall the blood begin


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