Eastern Man

アーティストPanama Limited Jug Band
作詞Denis Parker
作曲Denis Parker
Ankles swell, feel like hell
I got to keep on walking
Hand to head, eyes so red
Got to keep on walking

I ain't hungry, just weak to eat
I got to keep on walking
Three beats taking my mind back
Got to keep on walking

Spiders whitest at the eyes
Red ants crawling on my thighs
Nature's light it tortures me
Turn it off and let me see

Walking in the desert so gay
When you got the weather
When it's hot for days
You just can't seem to get together

Caravan, my decent man
He's pointing to the sun
Waters come alive to pool
They sure don't give me none

Oasis open for all to see
Hot and dry as a bone
Bloods a-run inside of me
But I'm sure I ain't got long
Ain't got long, I ain't got long, no, no, no

Silver dunes to hide my skin
Sun so strong to shield my shadow
Shifting sand ain't a life for man
Drifting hot and weak in hand

The albatross brings no old man here


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