Wildcat Squall

アーティストPanama Limited Jug Band
Woke up this morning
'Bout a half past four
Then you told me
You don't want me no more
You got a wildcat

Now ask the polecat out in the woods
The bank guard's arms feel so doggone good
You got a wildcat, wildcat
Oh, you got a wildcat
Wildcat, please don't treat me so mean

Hey, telling you, baby, telling no lie
The day you catch me is the day you die
You got a wildcat

Got to get that wildcat, oh, I do
Makes you holler, makes you feel like you
You got a wildcat, yeah

Well,...... crawls
The one that you really want at your door
You got a wildcat, wildcat
Wildcat, I got a wildcat squall


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