Overseas Stomp

アーティストPanama Limited Jug Band
One, two, one, two, three, four

How long till you write to me
You're way too gay across the sea
And you'll do that Lindy Bird with me
Not for now, oh, sugar baby

Lindy Bird, you had a funny notion
To fly a plane across the ocean
Just to do the Lindy Bird with me

I asked him for a piece of banana
Said play some blues on your piano
Then I'll do that Lindy Bird with you
Oh, my, oh, sugar baby

Why can't you be a little like this man
Would you like to fly across the land
Just to do that Lindy Bird with me

Now, baby, don't you weep no more
You know you're never going home
If you do that Lindy Bird with me


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