Don't Even Know Which Day It Is

アーティストEdgar Broughton Band
作詞Edgar Broughton, Steve Broughton, Victor Unitt
作曲Edgar Broughton, Steve Broughton, Victor Unitt
I could fall down
Would you stand me up
It's not enough for you to say you love me
Who's the lad
Who'd kill his dad
For the sake of the right to belong to the new confusion

I don't believe it
Don't even know which day it is

Do you trust in a world
That turns about
When another mother's sons are being borrowed
Can you laugh aloud
While you're crying inside
For the years that you tried to belong to
the old confusion

I don't want life
In the company
You are undone by the smell of next week's saving

I don't want God
In the three-and-nines
You're so fine
You'll be ill
From your virtue

We're of the same opinion
So hard to tell us apart
We're at the foot of the future
And it's kicking us up the past


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