The Birth

アーティストEdgar Broughton Band
作詞Edgar Broughton
作曲Edgar Broughton
She lay in the dust began to die
Wondering how long it would take her
The scorpion drooled winked his eye
Wondered if he could make her

The pain was right twice as nice
She realised she was in labour
Life was a fight with men and mice
Mind how you talk to the neighbours

She cried in the heat shaking her meat
Sure she needed no friend
As much as this was beginning
It would still make a beautiful end

The sand blew up in confusion
Salt running out of her pores
That being borne inside her
Was near to the end of its course

Her tits thrust up to heaven
Her back was arched like a bow
The heart in the mother lay quiet
It was a long way to come just to go

Her body lay limp in the desert
Soaked with the love she gave
Her shadow will lie there for ever
Reminding us all of that day

The scorpion wandered all over the body
Vultures stood still in the sky
If this was the end of beginning
Who was born and did anyone die

How those birds searched for her offspring
Craving to beat off her pride
So futile was all of the searching
Nothing that lives has.....such eyes


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