Storytimes & Nursery Rhymes

アーティストThe Greatest Show On Earth
作詞Colin Horton-Jennings, Garth Watt-Roy
作曲Colin Horton-Jennings, Garth Watt-Roy
Creeping down to me slowly like a song
from yesterday
Whispers into my memory as the night time
fades away
Imagination makes you feel good
Empty days are lost in childhood
Can't you see you were innocently happy
Time to break the old routine
Be a toy, cowboy or a time machine
Can't you see you were innocently happy

Take a jump backwards and spinning round
Lift your feet skyways and leave the ground
See me here drowning in nursery rhymes
Let me sleep gently it's storytime

Dreaming I can fly gently to house of a magical man
Running wildly down in a forest ride a painted caravan
Fairylights and crystal balls
Rolling hills and waterfalls
Fill your eyes with fantasies forever
Meet the land of midnight sun
Second childhood has begun
Fill your eyes with fantasies foreve


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