アーティストThe Greatest Show On Earth
作詞Colin Horton-Jennings
作曲Colin Horton-Jennings
When she gives her sign to a passerby
Has her hopes someday one will stay
And she lives alone in the old folk's home
And I guess she'll end that way
Angelina tries but she fails again

Then she found she can
Touch the postman's hands
As the letters go through the box
To see the milkman smile
Makes it all worthwhile just sit an wait for
the knocks
Angelina tries but she fails again

Angelina remembers the pleasant days
When she was young
But doesn't seem realized these pleasant days
are gone
'Cause each breaks up her personal life
But she breaks up her shock
And stops Angelina from seeing that
she's failing once more

Should she feel inside that she's off to hide
In the shelter of her room
Then her cards hang on to a false someone
And hope he comes along
Angelina tries

Angelina tries
Angelina tries but she fails again


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