Can't Be Right

アーティストMichael Thompson Band
作詞Larry King, Michael Thompson, Joie Scott
作曲Larry King, Michael Thompson, Joie Scott
Now you wanna know what I've been thinkin'
Now you wanna hear what's on my mind
But you don't wanna take the time to listen
I'm already wrong and you're always right

What you gonna do when the battles over
What can you say when it's all been said
I'm on the verge of becoming a stranger
Silence was my self defense

Now the truth is loud and anger's real
And nobody wins in the end

I give, you take, there's never any other way
You push, I break, no matter what I say
You win, I lose, there's never any compromise
It's black and white
But you can't be right all the time

Let me take a breath before I lose it
Let me lay it down in another way

If you're not willin1 to meet me in the middle
Then ya gotta be willing to throw it all away

I'm tired of banging my head on a brick wall
I'm tired of being your whippin' boy
If there's anything here worth saving
I'll be the one to make that choice

Cause truth is loud and the anger's real
And there's no more of me left to bend

Take you're righteous words, your discontent
You need to have the last say about everything
I can't hear you now, can't hear you now
I've shut you down, I've shut you down


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