Stood The Test

アーティストGwen McCrae
作詞Kenton Nix, Henry Batts
作曲Kenton Nix, Henry Batts
Seems like I've known you before
Still the same
Still laying old silly games
You know should be ashamed
I'll never forget you going through my door
Oh I thought love was no more
After all that I cried I realized
The problem is yours and not mine

When you were with me
Things were happy did you see baby
We spent days watching time go by
Now we didn't fight but still you cried baby
I caught you glancing
I just knew that this love could be
But it was your loneliness
But I stood the test baby
Somehow baby I stood the test
Don't you know I stood the test
Yes I did right now

Sometimes I feel all alone baby
I don't wanna be left all alone baby


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