Funky Sensation

アーティストGwen McCrae
作詞Kenton Nix
作曲Kenton Nix
Can you feel it
Can you feel it
My funky sensation

I'm calling all you party people
Come on get up and dig
that funk I have for you
I have a funky sensation
That'll spread around the nation
Get up clap your hands and feel the groove
You see people like me need people like you
To come together and enjoy the funky beat
Take your time relax your mind
Come on come on
and dig my funky sensation

Yeah uh uh
Can you feel it...
Funky sensation
That I'm gonna lay on you
Ain't it funky now
Ain't it funky now

This funk is like an extra strength pain reliever
I'll make you feel better
Than you ever did before
You use the beat indication
It's the funky revelation
People come on come on
Enjoy my funky sensation
It's just a matter of time
But first you must relax your mind
Come on shake it shake it but don't break it
I'm calling all you party people
Come and dig this funky sensation

Can you feel it my funky sensation
That is what I feel I feel
It's everywhere baby
Oh how you will feel this funky sensation
Ain't it good
Oh funky sensation
And you're funky now
Come on down
Y'all at the disco
Ain't have but a funky good time baby
I've been there

Can you feel it my funky sensation
Baby my funky sensation
Feel real good
Sure is funky funky
You ain't ever had no funk like this before
Look at that man over there in the corner
He ain't never move like he is moving now
It's the funky sensation
I gotta feel that funky sensation baby
Get funky ooh
You never had funk like this before I know it
I see you creeping out there
on the dance floor
I want you to put your hands together
Like that come on yeah you feel it that's
when you gotta get in
There you go just move your left leg

Move your left leg
With the beat come on
Throw your right hand in the air
That's it
Lean left lean right lean front lean back
come on
You gotta ride it baby
It's just a funky sensation
It's just a funky sensation
I know it baby
I like it baby
I like it baby
Funky funky sensation
Ain't never felt like this before
Yeah that's it
Ain't it funky now
(repeat ad libs)


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