アーティストThe Clovers
作詞Rudolph Toombs
作曲Rudolph Toombs
Well I stopped to have a little drink
With a lady down the street
Then would took the time to think
That if I drink a Sneaky Pete
I'd be crawlin' instead of ballin'

I mix a cola wine with rye
Drink till time for me to go
Well she didn't bat an eye
When she saw me on the floor
Just a crawlin', a really crawlin'

I poured the beer in the gin
I drink the gin with the wine
It left me really chargin' like a jet T99

I was feeling mighty fine
High as any Georgia pine
Rock and standing on my legs

The floor came up and bumped my head
Man I was crawlin', a really crawlin'

She was prancing all around
And I was on my hands and knees
Trying to get up off the ground
When she said with so much ease
Man you're ballin', a really ballin'

Just then her husband broke in
And through me out in the street
I don't know what became of her
But I was really beat

Then I tried to drag it home
Sore and full of misery
All the Sneaky Pete was gone
And the folks could plainly see

I was crawlin' instead of ballin'
I was crawlin' instead of ballin'
Yes I was crawlin' instead of ballin'

Oh I was crawlin' instead of ballin'
But let me tell you one thing
I ain't going there no more


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