アーティストGloria Gaynor
作詞Willie Harry Wilson
作曲Willie Harry Wilson
Sending love vibrations straight to you
Sending love vibrations str ight to you

Ooh ooh. . . said
You've been waiting much too long now
Don't know when she's comin' home
Said you've been loyal, true and faithful
All this time of bein' alone
If I could get that same dedication
I'd give you everything in creation
If she doesn's come back, ooh
I'll be your substitute, whenever you want me
Oh don't you know, I'll be your substitute
Whenever you need me

Sending love vibrations straight to you
Said, everday you waited for her
I've been waitin' here for you
Said, all this time, I've been lonely
Know what you been goin' through
I'll wait until my chances occur
Cause you can't keep relyin' on her

Keepin' by your window
You sit inside hopin' to see her face
Well, you might as well forget about her
And find someone to take her place


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