California Dream

作詞J. Taylor, L. Edwards, G. Kerr, S. Robinson
作曲J. Taylor, L. Edwards, G. Kerr, S. Robinson
I'm at the house bout to roll this kush up
I can get a call at any minute so I'm just doing push ups
Waiting on what seems to be forever
I burnt a hole in my polo sweater cause I was nervous
But that's how crazy birth is
Loading up this Berretta cause this time im having a baby girl
so its
whateva wheneva whateva
You my willow and this my will to make this last foreva
First thing I'mma tell her daddys ur umbrella
Give her the glass slipper Cali ur my Cinderella
Shit gotta be a dream hold up that ur middle name
Both ur brothers big now so u can be my lil Game
Now who gon be ur godfather Swizz Lil Wayne
AR smoke to much but got Cali tatt'd on his veins

And I just got a txt from ya momma saying ur water burst I guess
its time for my Karma

Walked thru the door she on the fround cryin
She don't wanna get
U having the baby right here
I ain't cleaning that shit up
I finally got her out the house now we on the elevator
She screamin
I left the car seat but Imma tell her later
How I forget the car seat
Shit I'm hella faded
She like
I know u aint high
I'm like I celebrated now we in the car she wont put on her
seat belt
Screaming at the top of her lungs God I need help
Weaving thru traffic minutes between contractions
Close ur eyes right now and you can see it happen imagine
She pullin on me stop I'm bout to crash shit
Butterflies in my stomach heart beating fast as shit
Every time I have a kid its like the first time
Kids the best but they be coming at the worst time
Now we here tiff get in the wheelchair
Butterflies still here am I happy
Hell veah

I parked the car now I'm running thru the halls lost
Trying to figure out which one of these rooms is ours
Think think damn
One of the nurses stuck they head out
They gave her an epidural so I pulled that couch bed out
Took a nap woke up
They almost got the head out
She grabbin on the rails looking like she bout to pass out told
her to breathe grab my phone and then record
Breathe 1 2 3 4
One more 2 3 4
Come on Tigg push got dammit just push nurse linda coaching

Doctor Umble pulling on the shoulders giving me the notion
To cut the ambilical cord
She out 8 lbs 4oz
Sam stop the beat
Hold up I'm bout to make an announcement see everytime a
childs born somebody Leaves the world
So I thank the woman that gave her life for my baby girl


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