作詞Yoshie Nakano
作曲Yoshie Nakano
Still didn't get your heart
I know that I've been aching for you
I wanna hold your hand
don't wanna hold a lie
enter one burning butterfly
I wish my life with you would fill up my calendar

The happy path that led me here
the past don't matter ouz I'm me
Each day pur special moments where are they headed?
My God alone knows the truth
How I wish for a life with you

Life will take up space
as your smile brightens up my day
Gentle breezes blowin thru your trees
Whatever you want I'll do, I'll try

I'm staring thru the window of your mind
Been getting messages from your space
sometimes my light slmost fades away
This love is not unlike a shooting star
but my life with you…

We can always just make the whole world happy
La la la la…

Insanity happily…


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