作詞Yoshie Nakano
作曲Masaki Mori
Maybe we should rest where the lights are low
Ride a lion
I got your kiss in my pocket so heavy
tasting of a smooth calm
staring into you with nothing wrong
Ride a lion
I die in ecstasy when I'm close to you
Like the cycle of the stars that have no rules
I see no way of loving you
So soon the day is over

Uh, my darling true
You open up my heart with those lions on your face
moving through the wind with courage and sorrow
My dazzling boy
You seize moons with one surprising smile
so don't pull those curtains down
You ride with pride into Orion
diving into the endless sky on a lion

Ride a lion
Ride a lion
into Orion

Just like a sleeper…
Baby, baby


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