The Last Song

アーティストThe All-American Rejects
作詞Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler
作曲Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler
This may be the last thing that I write for long.
Can you hear me smiling when I sing this song,
for you and you only.

As I leave will you be someone to say good-bye.
As I leave will you be someone to wipe your eye.
My foot is out the door, and you can't stop me now.

You wanted the best, it wasn't me, will you give it back.
Now I'll take the lead, when there's no more room to make it grow.
I'll see you again, you'll pretend you're naive,
is this what you want.
Is this what you need, how you end up let me know.

As I go, remember all the simple things you know.
My mind is just a crutch and I still hope
that you will miss me when I'm gone.
This is the last song.

The hearts start breaking as the year is gone.
The dream's beginning and the time rolls on.
It seems so surreal, now I sing it.

Somehow I knew that I would be this way,
somehow I knew that I would slowly fade.
Now I'm gone, just try and stop me now.

And will you need me now, you'll find a way somehow.
You want it, too.
I want it, too.


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