Army of Draccoons

アーティストHero Destroyed
作詞Neal Andrus, Pat McNicholas, Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko
作曲Neal Andrus, Pat McNicholas, Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko
Full blown outbreak, disbelief .spreading quick
Taking victims one by one, moving fast false
assurance whew you fail to see that we know where
you're staring you can find no more
excuses for the crimes make up the rules as
you see fit to further your cause .screaming
failures leads to deafening all who hear left
no options with the only choice in my ear ・
count on no one, the betrayers help take
your livelihood and burn it down constant
pressure against the pleasure take a look at
what you stand to gain stand on the rules
so quick to jump into the fray you rise, the fallen
you crawl, the savior you rise
from the bottom to crawl, to laugh as time runs
out change occurs inside before you
step out of your skin, metamorphosis thoughts
drain through the body with the power
that you drink minds don't always think with a laugh
less grin and a sharp gleam in
your eye brought to life ignite is this what
you wanted with the simple twist of fate?
nothing standing in your way to stop the hands of time
did you find the answers? Will you find the way?
Will we kep on looking for the next life while you turn and
walk away? rise, the fallen crawl on your knees from
the bottom crawl back to me Devour all that's left screaming
failures, deafening all who hear Took its victims one by one, moving
fast False assurance that you fail to see what we
know Keep on pressing all your lines Would you leave all
you had behind to sever ties? You rise from the bottom
to crawl with your savio


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