Iron Lion

アーティストHero Destroyed
作詞Neal Andrus, Pat McNicholas, Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko
作曲Neal Andrus, Pat McNicholas, Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko
crashing down from the heavens, gaining speed as
it comes closer braving the elements to withstand an
assault on the fears ripping through the walls that
were meant to keep the dangers outside in the silence
through the storm the hand reaches, the hand searches
you made your last mistake thinking you were still
safe return to the asylum in the house of anger and
friction fight back the tears that were left pooling on
the ground with the pride none spared turned over,
capsized none spared when it comes breaking through
and barreling down upon us, overtaking all the boundaries
that we salvage making the last retreat through the
mess left by the storm now you can take nothing that
you take for granted, all washed away while arms of
doubt slither up and all around you, encompassing rip
it off and show its face spit it out, fall from the mouth
rip it off, unmask yourself tear it out, unleash the sound
collapsing seconds down all connections disavow
a windward course, lost in the maze brace for the second
round pass down through the torrents mouth
the growing threat is all too much to forget fate,
not for you to know look past the taste and chew denial


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