Now You're in My Dreams / 君を夢見て

アーティストMichael Franks
作詞Michael Franks, Clifford Carter
作曲Michael Franks, Clifford Carter
I was just a stand-in
Someone love abandoned ―not the leading man
But my heart yelled "Action"

What does "fall in love" mean?
We rehearsed the Love Scene unaware of this
Till we tried The Kiss and

Now...nowyou're in my dreams

Love was such a mystery
Love was ancient history―pleasure chased with pain
Till you whispered your name

In the soundstage moonlight
We could not say goodnight―unaccustomed to
Happiness so new and

Now...nowyou're in my dreams

Now the close-up me and you
And every old cliche rings true
The Samba begins
Fate to the winds
First it smolders then it burns, you
Pass the point of no return, do
Lovers stay in love by learning
How to leave the world at the door and live
Live inside their dreams?


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