Queen of the Underground

アーティストMichael Franks
作詞Michael Franks
作曲Michael Franks
I met you Sunday at the Dalai Lama's
You posed for pictures in those silk pajamas
And you seemed like someone from another planet
With your eyes so jet and your lips so pomegranate
And that coiffure you wore was Early Rocket
You wet your hair then find the nearest socket
And your blondie boyfriend wore a studded collar
Is that so he'll come when he hears you holler?
Back in the Apple high on the hog
You socialize with empty dialogue
They think you're clever, they think you're smart
You're so convincing when you play the part
You're the Queen of the Underground

Went to your concert but the show was sold-out
So I bought a program with a color fold-out
And your padded shoulders really looked fantastic
It all seemed to say you were so iconoclastic
One little problem still puzzles me
Ain't you a daughter of the bourgeoisie?
I thought I saw you mending the sails
Buying guerilla wear at Bloomingdale's


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