Don't Be Shy

アーティストMichael Franks
作詞Michael Franks, Rob Mounsey
作曲Michael Franks, Rob Mounsey
Everytime you smile at me
More profound than words can say
I would walk a mile to be
Nearer to you night and day
All the signals that you send
Broadcast with your silent eyes
Surely seem to recommend
We should touch not fantasize

Everytime I see your face
Lovely Leonardo lines
All my fears just bulk-erase
Into funny valentines
And until your lips are kissed
How can I complete my song?
I'm afraid I must insist
Love is never wrong
Don't be shy
Come and give your love to me
Don't be shy
You can't hide from destiny
Baby, don't be shy
Jump right in and take the chance
To find romance
Just open up your heart
And don't be shy

Everytime our circuits cross
I can feel the energy
Solo, I'm a total loss
Got to have you next to me
All this deprivation hurts
Without you I won't last long
Give me all your megahertz
Shock me 'til I'm strong


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