Your Secret's Safe with Me

アーティストMichael Franks
作詞Michael Franks
作曲Michael Franks
Lost your toy
In the mirror take a look
You're much older now
You used to be
Then suddenly the summer ends
And you don't know how

It was endless fun
Hit and run
"Sweet talk" was your middle name
Always on the prowl
Just one dance
No romance
Living like an alleycat
And you sure could howl

Your secret's safe with me
You're tired and lonely
The only cure will be love
Your secret's safe with me
You ain't no contender
You got no fist in your glove
Your secret's safe with me
You're searching for someone
Who's got no lies to conceal
Your secret's safe with me
You're waiting for someone
Whose eyes will tell you: It's Real

Live and learn
Wait your turn
Don't you know the deepest love
Comes to those who wait?
Why be smart?
Hear your heart
Leading you to someone new
No, it's not too late


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