Let Me Count the Ways

アーティストMichael Franks
作詞Michael Franks
作曲Michael Franks
When I met you I was blind, underneath a dark
cloud, couldn't find the blue
And I wasn't sure quite what to do
I wore my heart upon my sleeve and,
disappointed I could not believe at last
That I had finally shaken off the past with you
I don't know how you trapped me
All I know is now I'm happy

Let me reveal all the feelings that I feel
when I love you, let me count the ways
Let me explain every image in my brain how
I love you, let me count the ways
You are a part of the rhythms of my heart
and I love you, let me count the ways
And when I stray, you are never far away
'cause I love you, let me count the ways

My love song was never played 'til
you came along and your love made me ring
And now it's only you for whom I sing
If I wrote you a different song each day still
I know I never could repay your love
Falling like an angel from above to me
And now I'm never lonely, no
Now it's forever only you

You can't imagine what your love means
It's like the poet says
How can I say how much I love thee?
Let me count the wavs


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