Pleasant Surprise

アーティストAngelfire (Steve Morse & Sarah Spencer)
作詞Steve Morse, Sarah Spencer
作曲Steve Morse, Sarah Spencer
With all that changes, all that turns and gains
For all that's moving, some will stay the same
And if maybe there's something
You missed or you forget
You'll see it all again, ready or not

Nothing lasts forever, but some things never change
The day that passes over, or the words used to explain
The world could use some pardoning
There's a lot more than you think

But I don't see it hapening
Give me something to believe

Endless pain is all you think there'll be
Nothing seems to leave good memories
But when time comes to lie back
And reach under your belt
You'll have more than one to follow you out

I almost gave up everything when I lost my only guide
But what about the many things
That haven't left your side
My life has had great things in it
And things I couldn't leave
I'll probably go down with my ship
And bring it ail with me

You've had better days, but some days can't be beat
Some things will never compare to what you've seen
It's almost not worth asking, you think you'll never know
But there's still consistency through it all

No one makes you, no one'shows you how
Even you can't sow all the seeds you plow
It's not likely you'll m&et what you expect to find
Always there's more than one pleasant surprise


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