Yesterday's Rain

アーティストHanne Boel
作詞Anoo Bhagavan
作曲Jacob Karlzon
Your heart gets you bruised
and battered funny how you never learn.
Your voice doesn't really matter
cause your words are never heard
But when you've cried your tears
You'll see the sky was cleared by Yesterdays rain.

Head first down a one-way alley,
running straight into the wall
too late you discover sadly, that you took another fall
it's true but hardly fair
your trouble leads nowhere
only one thing's left for me to say
you will find that when the morning breaks
the pain that drove your near insane
was washed away by yesterdays rain

No chance but you keep on chasing,
got no bridges left to burn
but soon, although probably later
maybe luck is gonna turn
you'll pick another track
but the road just leads you back
you will get down on your knees and pray
and you will find that when the morning breaks
the dirt left on your windowpane
was washed away by yesterdays rain

When gold stars pouring from the sky all over town
you are the one left in the cold far underground
lay dawn despair and learn to fight another day
come rest your body next to mine
just close your eyes and pray for rain.


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