Do It for Love / 愛にDO IT

アーティストSheena Easton
作詞Adele Bertei, Mary Kessler
作曲Adele Bertei, Mary Kessler
Do you, do it for love?

Do you feel the same connection
Make it right some way some how
Does it come from your emotions
Open up the door a little wider now
Do you try to find the feeling
That should never go away
Can it really be so easy?
Just to make the feeling stay

But when you hold me tight
Ooo I will know why you're doing it
"Coz love can't be denied
When you prove it, do it for love
Do you, do it for love?

When you promise it's the real thing
Promises that stay the same
Is it really love that you're feeling
Or just another pleasure you can't explain
Lift the lid from your emotions
Does it matter what they say-
Will you follow your own footsteps
Baby let your heartbeat show you
The way


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