Born To Kill (Live)

作詞Dan Beehler
作曲John Ricci, Dan Beehler
Metal and muscle
Smashing you hard right out to the abyss
Torture and torment
If not for the kill we would never exist
Aggression and anger, hatred and pain
Spreading your poison disease
Black is the magic, past the insane
We are the sons of the beast

Born to kill, Born to kill, Born to kill

Extreme aggression
Blood in the ears, skulls will shatter to bits
Thought you were ready
But never prepared for torture like this
Hit by the hammer too much for the brain
A sound that we know all too well
Judgement day's here, shaking with fear
Welcome to the depths of hell

The speakers are thunder
The lights are the fire
The stage is the setting for wars of the wild
Smoke is the screen for the mystery
The violence and force will make you bleed.


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