Shadow Of The Cross

作詞Dan Beehler
作曲John Ricci, Dan Beehler
Children of tomorrow
You're living a lie
Victims of their final words... do or die
You must decide what you believe
Is it god above?
Sinners say your prayers... save us
In the shadow of the cross
Just another life is lost
In the shadow of the cross
Good and evil lines get crossed

Take a step to the south
As far as you dare to go
The demon lies within us all,
but do we really know
This dark and lonely dying world makes me cry
Just remember who's on the cross... crucified

Children of tomorrow must not be deceived
If there is good, good to be done,
how can they believe
We're fighting, killing,
evil is willing to lead them astray
The hatred, anger, live in the dangers
Its fucked-up world today just remember

Shadow, Shadow, Shadow of the
Shadow, Shadow, Shadow of the cross


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