作詞Garrett Dutton Leyona
作曲Garrett Dutton Leyona
Don't leave me lonely...
Hold me hold me...

I left my dreams overseas
now pleases baby please come back to me
I wanna tell ya right now
we need to be together leyona,
nothing can keep us apart or sever these ties
like oceans and many miles our love goes on awhile
with tenderness you undress my soul
making me whole we rocked the stage
but love stole and I can't let you go
sweet honey flow like jhon and yoko
this love is so loco g and leyona

Don't leave me lonely...
Hold me hold me...

白い窓の外 光にすいこまれそう

Now even though I can't understand a word that you're saying
yeah babe these words in different tongues are so complicated
no there's a much funner way of conveying our emotions
we can feel them musical vibrations elations on a track
And when you blow that harp you take away my blues
and I call you overseas just to hear the news
I'm missing you girl and I just want songs
make some music make some love like the beat goes on
Yeah I remember that jam too
and I remember all those good feelings that I had for you
Like tell me the truth will you love me and leave me not
imma send you dozen roses like baby forget me not...

Don't leave me lonely...
Hold me hold me...

今深い夢の中 あなたを抱きしめながら
やわらかな流れはほら 言葉さえも溶かしてく
悲しみのない世界へ あたしを連れ出してね
フィラデルフィアからG. Love

Don't leave me lonely...

I really want your lovin
I got to get your lovin
I really want your lovin right now

La la la la la la la la la


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