Last Name: Porter

アーティストEarly Graves
作詞Makh Daniels
作曲Chris Brock
The loss breaks my selfish heart.
No one came to say a goddamn thing.
No one came to cry.
It's just you the wind, the loss and I.
I'll burn all this down. And make sure that it never goes out.
I can still taste the ashes in my mouth. Human waste. Things
have gone south. Stinging in my eyes so sweet the sound of
love. I look far behind. The tide slowly grows. Inside of my
head. The acid slowly goes. Try not to answer the calling I
don't know. On top of the mountain. I hunt in the night.
A blast so enduring. My blood starts to boil. I can't look away.
The time of the sun. I can't live this way. You funeral I've begun.
Drowing in loneliness and despair...
"Come here," said the ocean...
"Come here..."


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