House Nigger

アーティストEarly Graves
作詞Makh Daniels
作曲Chris Brock
Hang me.
Hang me.
Hang me from a free. Hang me.

Your father would see me swing.
Just like his father before him.
So don your white hood mask
just like your fathers
and their fathers before them.
My black skin is scarred by whips and chains and
everything you force yourself to hide behind.
Jim Crow
You're born slaves in the eyes of our blue eyed god.
Jim Crow
Get in line for the welfare lines.
Jim Crow
Don't you wish your skin was white like mine?
So sing and dance my blackfaced son
and earn those pennies that they throw at you.
The legacy of vultures follows them (in shadows)
to their god of the burning cross that lives in their eyes
(and rips with their hands).
For all you've felt, for all you've seen, for all you've throught,
You don't know what sorrow means.
You've never seen shame in your mother's eyes.
You don't know a thing you white vultures.
Pass the noose to your son to his son to his son.


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