Problem + Solution

作詞Tiwa Savage, Shawn Stockman of Boys Ⅱ Men
作曲Tiwa Savage, Shawn Stockman of Boys Ⅱ Men
Just one drop of love in my cup. I'm addicted
And he knows, he's got me with just one dose,
I don't know if I'll live to tell the story
His love is killing me slowly

Can someone tell my soul, I can go. just let me go
But it's my comfort, pleasure with pain
Just like a drug that flows through my vein

Wish I could stop this world from spinnin.
But I hear love makes it go round.
You know you're no good for me baby,
If you are the problem and the solution
What do I do?
What do I do?

My friends ask me all the time why do I
Stay with someone who drains the life from me,
Cause your ways are just like a drug to a fiend.
Without you I feel so incomplete OH.

Can someone help me cope
With the reality that there's no hope
I'm just a girl, so deep in love yeah
Nothing he and I can do for it to be so. OH

Boy I tried everything, to stop you from hurting me
Ain't nothing settin me free


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