Time Flies

作詞Rivers Cuomo, Mac Davis
作曲Rivers Cuomo, Mac Davis
Had another birthday
Could've been the worse day I ever had
Got a little drunk and I fell into a funk
And I woke up sad
Looked into the mirror
There were lines around my eyes

Time flies when you're having fun
Time flies when you live on the run
The harder I go, the more I realize:
Time flies

Life is moving fast
And I'm running out of gas
Time ain't on my side
I'm still in the race
And I'm barely keeping pace
But it's worth the ride
Waiting 'round the corner
There's another sweet surprise

Hey yeah, hey yeah
Time flies
Hey yeah, hey yeah
Time flies

Some sad day
They'll be taking me away
But I won't be dead
'Cause even when I'm gone
This stupid dance song
Will be in your head
I'll be looking down with a twinkle in my eyes


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