I Don't Wanna Hear Another Sound

アーティストNorah Jones
作詞Norah Jones, Brian Burton
作曲Norah Jones, Brian Burton
My balance is gone, but so is the pain
Was waitin' around, but you never came
So I ran into Tony, he grabbed on my body I told him I missed you,
he told me he loved me And hey, I liked the way he said my name
That's all he had to say

The damage is done, but so is the wait and I tried not to run cause it
would be a mistake
But it would be a mistake if I just took my time,
'cause I'd be waiting around just to pay for your crimes
And hey, I know what it takes to be wrong but it feels alright to me

Even though I know you let me down
I don't know why I can't come around
And even though I know my mind is sound
Couldn't walk away from what I found

Your honesty's good but too much is bad,
and I've been trying to hold on to something I've never had
Cause I've never had you just as I have you now, that you're afraid of
losin' but you're not scared enough Hey wait, you wipe that smile right
off of your face cause I don't know where it came from

Even if I know I won't be found
I will still be hiding underground
Even if I go outside I find
You've already left me far behind

Even when this song comes crashing down
I don't wanna hear another sound
No I don't wanna hear another sound


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