Outa Control

アーティストEdgar Winter
作詞Edgar Winter
作曲Edgar Winter
Something's wrong in the universe
Instead of better things are gettin' worse
than they used to be
Too many people tryin' to be stars
Too many rockets, planes and cars
All for you and me
Everybody's goin1 somewhere

Outa control, spinnin' my soul
Outa control, just let me rock 'n roll

I need too much money just to stay alive
And I just can't handle all this jive
Man it's everywhere
I'm just a show to the people it seems
They pay their tickets and hear my screams
Are they really there?
They just keep on goin'

Outa control, sendin' my soul
Outa control, just let me rock 'n roll
Gotta keep the wrong people outa control
Just a matter of time
Watch out now!
Just tradin' a life for a livin'
We can't stop it now!!


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