Black Girlfriend

アーティストPorno for Pyros
作詞Porno for Pyros
作曲Porno for Pyros
ever since the riots
all i really wanted
was a black girlfriend
they don't play around
they're hard enough
to keep any man in line
thinking of my pale white skin
thinking of her dark and smooth
she against me
my black girlfriend

saw her on the corner
where she lived, i asked her
"can you braid my hair?"
she and her girlfriends
laughed at me, said that
"it was easy but it'll cost you some"
looking out her window
it's so exciting and foreign
but I'm staying with
my black girlfriend

drivin'thru the hood
in my chevy nova '62
my arm around my
little black girl
people on the corner
looking in my car
wanna do me
but i won't give her back
my little black girl
"do you want to come on in?
do you want to eat some?
meet my family?"
my black girlfriend


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