All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You

作詞Brandon David Welchez, Charles Michael Rowell
作曲Brandon David Welchez, Charles Michael Rowell
My burning hate at sight
It first seems so insane
Like a vagrant in the rain
But your face at night
Drills a tick tock in my brain
Digs canals across my face

No love to spend on you
I can piss away my cash
But my time I can't get back
And your face at night
Dances tick tock on my brain
Digs hits digits in my face

When I hold the fury of the world
All the eyes of little girls
Will be flames that dance and twirl
And they'll melt you to your bones
Char your eyes
Turn you to stone
And when the future finds you there
And they stack you in the air
I'll be there to burn down that skyscraper too
All my hate and my hexes are for you


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