作詞Civasaqui Jose, ジョー山中
(Reggae) ,It's burning sunlight, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,All of us, sing and dance, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,Almost unbearable, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,It's too much, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,It's just keep on going, (Reggae)

As I opened the window of my closed heart
I felt a chilly gust of wind from winters day
Through my lonesome heart
So I want to move again. (Reggae,Reggae)

(Reggae) ,It's burning sunlight, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,Well, I can remember, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,That rythm of Jah, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,I makes me wanna burn, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,I lifts me up, (Reggae)
(Reggae) ,The song of revolution, (Reggae)

I found myself forgetting my hot blood
Running through my heart
Asking to myself, once again,
where have I been going.
So I'm screaming, screaming aloud,
(Reggae, Reggae)

Hear my shouting, then answer me
with not vibration,
Listen to me, and come to me,
let's all sing together
So let's screaming, screaming aloud, Reggae..


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