アーティストLotus Juice
作詞Lotus Juice
ladies and gentlemen here I come
label outcast yeah I'm the one
such a neat thing though just having fun
so have a coke a smile hey you are welcome

walking downtown I see more frowns than smiley faces
life is long if you like to hate time is wasted
peer pressure's asking you to copy and paste it
bitter conformity would you wanna taste it?
you need to belong to a group for sure
if you can't flow on same boat go off shore
you ain't alone take a dive and go explore
against all odds haters love to deplore
it's funny how "common" senses become
conformity ain't something that I easily succumb to
y'all asking me to be some dumb dude?
it's like crossing the ocean in a very rude mood
haters tend to hate the players but hate the system
if you really got it man, do it with wisdom
my mouth wanna talk and I try to listen
but those sukers made my big mouth wide open
I can careless whenever you kiss'em
however when the time is right, you gotta ditch'em
cuz what's life if u can't enjoy
be the boss of you, even as an employee
long time power can prevail and killjoy
revolution comes after when things are destroyed
nothing is guanteed except this moment
constant progressive mentality I'm on it
hold it when you put your thoughts in it all in it
cash rules everything around in it all in it
so sinister the mal ideas washing brain cells away
so I run DMC walk this way
Sigmund Freud said
noone can be forced into belief
which means noone can be forced to unbelief
a lot of people are misled to believe
to believe that relief is guranteed
I don't get fooled by these farce
far fetched to black jokes I'm by far set
especially with new tech trying to seize next
follow me like twitter Retweet my text
I can't say that my thoughts are the best
all know is that I know what's best for me
so learn from me good and the bad me
not just me
maybe from the ones you hate to be
what scares me is lack of flexibility
in your brain that's like suicide killing it
no government can fully fulfill it
my eyes wide open while I brush my abilities up


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