More Excuses

作詞Stephen Wilkinson
作曲Stephen Wilkinson
How was I supposed to hold?
You didn't tell me they'd dissolve
I didn't feel them in my hand
And now they're dripping on the sand
Why did I forget to buy?
Nobody told me where to try
I didn't think to look behind
And now they're closing all the blinds
Why d'ya laugh when I reacts
You didn't teach me how to act
I just forgot to check the time
And watch your living pantomime
How was I supposed to choose?
You never warned me of the queues
I never thought to leave the room
And now I'm trying to resume
How was I to know my stance?
I didn't meet your acquaintance
Or even see the evidence
And now I'm sitting on the fence
How am I supposed to play?
You could've told me on the day
I didn't notice all the flowers
And now I'm lost with what to say


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