Looking Through Darkness (featuring Mica Paris)

アーティストGuru, Mica Paris
作詞Derrick Harris, Keith Elam
作曲Derrick Harris, Keith Elam
You know sometimes I be lookin' through the darkness
Tryin' to find the light
Tryin' to do what's right with all my might

Lookin' through the darkness
(Yeah I'm lookin' lookin' at you)
Lookin' through the darkness
(I see you lookin' at me what you wanna wanna do?)
Lookin' through the darkness
(Here we go, take a walk with me)
Got to get it on
Lookin' through the darkness
Check it out. ..now

Now as I peer through the window of gloom, and everyday living
And all the hardships one faces, to make you give in
I dig more intensely, finding greater strength
A lot of heads is empty
I've got a greater rank than MC's not aware of situations
That'll force one to understand, true stipulations
Thou shalt not bite, thou shalt not front
Fake it if you want but for the battles I've come, cause I'm

Lookin' through the darkness
(Yeah, I'm lookin' out...lookin' at you)
Lookin' through the darkness
(Lookin' at me, my style is free, do you wanna be?)

For me this rap life is real life, I don't have to create
Some false image, to make the crowd get hyped
Too many children get the wrong message
From clowns that walk around hopelessly lost,
thinkin' that they're the boss
They're in a daze, while dope MC's don't get the front page me
I try to channel my rage as I travel through the city regularly
Turning the anger and frustration, straight into energy, yes you will
remember me
As the brother who cared to dare to step up, with his soul bared
But never fearing cause I've got instructions from Him
To go and fight the corruption so I'm

Lookin' through the darkness
(I've got to look through it...try to try to find the light)
Lookin' through the darkness

My granddaddy always told me, to keep the light shining
So as my mic illuminates, you can feel the state that I'm in
Thoroughly immersed in a verse, way more than hardcore
I endure, cause in myself, I'm secure
Delivering syllables and selections with profound perfection
Comin' back like the resurrection
In this session, I'm professing, that those who don't hear and
understand, never loved me
And so I planned to take a stand, as one who is firmly focused
Plus I'm mad worthy with words
I rock from East New York, all the way to the suburbs
The light-keeper, knowledge seeker
I switch the stress that's on my mind into the voice
that rocks your speaker
And I get deeper than the ocean when I'm

Lookin' through the darkness
(Yeah...I'm lookin'through it)
Lookin' through the darkness
(Ain't nothing to it but to do it, check it out)
Lookin' through the darkness
(All my life)
Got to get it on, got to get it on
Lookin' through the darkness

Yo I'm so ill, I go ill
When beats with jazz fill my need to express myself
Like the blues I can't lose
Weak MC's, they're seekin' refuge from my barrage, there's no rescue
Then I look through the madness, finding sanity
I'm crazy alert, I never swim in vanity

I do this rap stuff every year
Aiyyo peace to my fam especially my man Premier as I'm

Lookin' through the darkness
(Yeah.. lookin' out, to the wilderness)
Lookin' through the darkness
(The jungle, uhh, everybody's got to rumble)
Lookin' through the darkness
(Lookin' through the darkness)
Got to get on, got to get it on, got to get it on...


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