I Can't Swim

アーティストSnoop Dogg
作詞D.Drew, C.Wilson, C.Broadus, G.Clinton,Jr., W.Collins, B.worrell
作曲D.Drew, C.Wilson, C.Broadus, G.Clinton,Jr., W.Collins, B.worrell
I am Shay Dog DPG funk, and I hate water, I never liked to swim, ah put
me down, ahh let go my leg, I hate water I cant swim.

Verse I:
No matter where I go you got your eyes on me, and everybody sitting
around waiting on me. Show us how you do it Uncle Snoopy, some blew up
with your technique y'all niggas going to respect me. Man I been doing
this shit before I learned how to crawl dog, get in the beat my mother
fuckers like a broadway, and niggas want to know if I smoke Newports or
Marlboro's nigga I fucking with that real shit nigga can you feel this.
I make that shit for the realest of millions, while I'm wheeling and
dealing and feeling the feeling, and huh oh what a relief it is, Snoop
is back in this mother fucker handling his biz, techno kids, kids and
making heads oh shit, there it is again you never know if you career
might flop, flop, fierce, fierce, so stay on your toes and keep a pair
of your balls, and keep a sac in your home. Stay a float in the tidy
bowl fuck them niggas who peep how whitey roll, somebody told well
somebody getting rolled on, and that's usually how a scenario rolls on.
Baby girl said she want to keep her clothes on, she either fuck I'm
getting a stone on or get her stroll on, rule number one keep your hand
on your dime and don't trust anyone.

Oh you cant trust nobody baby you cant even trust your own mama. This is
Snoopy college, trust no one especially a bitch or even a bitch ass

Verse II:
T.R.U.S.T in me I'm sexy put out pussy, the homies in the hood call me
love OP. you the type of nigga I been dying to meet. So Snoopy what you
trying to do, whoa hold on little mama, ain't no reason for me to be
lying to you. No what I'm trying to do, and what I'm going to do is
hit this bud, I got a wife at home, bitch I ain't looking for none, you
might got kids from cuz or down with blood, pushing them dubs look here

girl, let me tell you how its going to be. If I was broke no these
bitches wouldn't want me I'm telling you the good God truth you want
proof, ask them ho's over there y'all want to fuck Snoop, Yeah, but
take the money and the game away the fame away, I bet they won't say the
same that day, but its ok, I don't trip because bitches ain't shit but
ho's and tricks. I thought I told you bitch I' a soldier, East side
Long Beach Gangbang rolla' solo cause this is it can you dig it. I can
dig it. Jelly Roll pulled a rabbit out his hat, I pulled a strap up out
my mother fucking back, cause I know its like that, I'm in the meeting
with these white folks talking bread, they want a contract on a nigga
til I'm dead. If I don't sign they going ti turn me over to the feds,
they struck me out now I pinch hitting for the reds, but I'm a Dodger
blue so I got to keep it true. I got a home run never nigga went on one,
I realizing how to just visualize and rip riding putting mines in taking
this game to the next level, trusting in no one especially the red
devil, keep your head level handle me get up, stay on the rhythm pimping
ain't easy but it's a whole lot of fun. And like I told you from the get
go, no don't trust no one, like I told you from the getty don't trust
no one.

Oh no you did it again put me down, I hate water, I cant swim. I cant
swim. I shouldn't have drunk the juice, I put all my trust in you and
you let me jump in water. Oh no.


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