Mack the Knife

アーティストPatti Page
作詞Bertolt Brecht
作曲Kurt Weill
Or, the shark has pretty teeth, dear...
And he shows them, ...pearly white
Jusr a jackknife-has MacHeath dear-
But the keeops it-out sight-
When the shark bites-with his teeth dear-
Scarlet billows-start to spread-
Fancy glores though wears MacHeath dear
So there's never a never a trace of red.
On the sidewalk-Sunday morning on her
Lies a body-just oozing life,
Someone's sneaking 'round the corner-
Who that someone-MACK THE KNIFE?

From a tug boat down boat the river don't you know
Yes a cement bag's just dropping down;
Well the cement's just for the weight dear-
Five get you ten lackies back in town.
Louie Miller disappeard, dear-
After drawing out his cush;
And MacHeath spends just like a sailor
Could upon my five get ten
Did one boy do something rach?
Sukey Tawary, Jenny Diver-
Polly Beachum, Lucy Brown-
Oh! the line forms on the right dear
Now that Mackies back in town.


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