アーティストBob Marley & The Wailers
作詞Maurice Hunt
作曲Maurice Hunt
I just wanna keep my lovelights burning
I'll do it anytime you want me to
And you know who I'm talking to
It's pretty good oh yeah, woman
Yeah yeah

I keep my lovelights sticking out, like that guitar stand
I'll sick it with starch now
I'll say the wicked with fire now, whoa now
Hear what I say
Let it ring, let it ring

Oh now, as close as I am to September
I still don't miss November
Come on woman and hold me tigher
I can show tomorrow will be brighter
'Cause you know sorrow I never hurt you
Will not, will not, will not

Not even bad-minded people
Could stop this one
As it was in the beginning, it shall be
Right here, right here, right here now now
I love you Kaya
Why I have to say
I wanna see you live with love
I wanna see you live with love now
I dig my sister with the maxi
and I care about the one with the hot pants too
Oh no, no, no, no, won't hurt that woman


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